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Bitcoin and Crypto Adds Double-Digit Gains as Excitement Builds

It is a sigh of relief for crypto traders. The excitement is even more palpable for traders of Bitcoin and coins like BCH, ETH, ADA, and more.

On July 26, these coins posted stellar gains as Bitcoin specifically did the superman thing, blasting past $36k—a crucial resistance line observed across multiple time frames.

The resurgence of Bitcoin is crucial for the ecosystem. Already, there is a direct correlation between the coin and altcoins. 

Besides, because of its first-mover advantage and liquidity depth, Bitcoin is the base currency of most trading pairs. 

In CryptoAltum, traders can exchange coins and tokens directly with pairs. For instance, the LTC/BTC, ETH/BTC, and more pairs are available for trading with high leverage.

The upswing of July 26 was linked to news of Amazon---the world's largest eCommerce platform—plans to accept cryptocurrencies—reportedly by the end of the year. News sources indicate that this directive was from Jeff Bezos—one of the world's billionaires—and discussions have been ongoing since 2019.

Building up excitement on this was a job posting by Amazon for a Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead. 

Among many other currencies, unconfirmed rumors state that Bitcoin, Ether, ADA, and a few other liquid coins will be supported in the initial phase of this rollout.

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