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Did you Know That Cardano is the Only 'Smart Contracting' Platform in the top-10 Without Smart Contract Support?

Puzzling! Right?

In reality, there is a lot of positive discourse around Cardano and its future. 

Needless to say, what traders should know is that Cardano is still a working progress.

It is being built, and developers are barely halfway.

Cardano is peer-reviewed, therefore progress can sometimes be painfully slow. After Byron--the first phase, Cardano has activated Shelley—allowing for ADA staking and decentralization through ADA staking pool—with active plans of deploying Goguen. At this stage, set for release in 2021, Cardano will continue active smart contracting. 

Their smart contracts will be finely tuned for the financial ecosystem its creators are setting their eyes on. This, when coupled with a decentralized, highly scalable, and a team of dedicated builders, makes investors optimistic, expecting more price gains in 2021.

Still, traders should be reminded that there are two more stages after Goguen—Basho, and Voltaire. 

The time frame for when Voltaire will go live is uncertain. 

And as typical of crypto, this uncertainty and anxiety of what's in store—especially in a solid project like Cardano—only serves to catalyze ADA's demand.

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