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The Buzz around Ethereum 'Flippening' Bitcoin

On its own, the crypto world is activity and lingo dense, perhaps in reflection of how rapidly the sphere evolves. 

Amid this positive expansion, and making many traders rich, is the frequency of the term 'flippening'. If anything, it pops out more often than expected. 

Like in the tail end of April 2021 when a JP Morgan report said ETH would eventually 'flip' Bitcoin because smart contracting is the lynchpin of the crypto economy.

For new users, 'flippening' can be confusing. But no worries.

To simplify what the global bank meant to say in layman terms, the word "flip" or 'flippen' means to usurp Bitcoin, replacing the coin as the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

And flippening happens all the time, especially if you consider how much the crypto community is keen, constantly monitoring prices of digital assets.

Take, for instance, when XRP prices rose from $0.20 to over $1.40, its valuation drastically expanded, placing its market cap at around $15 billion. When this happened, XRP 'flippened' Polkadot, Cardano, Litecoin, Tether (USDT), and other coins which were above it when it was struggling at $0.20.

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