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Did you know Cardano has a layer-2 solution called Hydra?

There are many moving parts in Cardano—and encouragingly, the development team has all the time to handle them.

Cardano is an entirely new project. Researched and built from scratch by a team of talented developers led by Charles Hoskinson.

While it builds towards Voltaire, network users notice that Cardano can, at present, process just around 7 TPS. This can be tweaked manually to around 50 TPS by changing a few network parameters without causing a disturbance to the network's performance.

Outside of this, Cardano developers are working on Hydra. It is a Layer-2 scaling solution secured by the Proof-of-Stake base layer, fitting well with the present staking pool model. 

Because of technical changes made by IOHK, every Cardano stake pool would be in a position to create a Hydra head that can process around 1,000 TPS. 

Considering the over 1,000 staking pools in Cardano, the network would effectively scale with the capability to process more than 1 million TPS.

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