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Everything you need to know about China's Blockchain Service Network (BSN)

The beauty of blockchain is its global reach, cutting across boundaries.

China is in the process of expanding a new blockchain framework and infrastructure for developers dubbed the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) which launched in April 2020. Backed by the Chinese government, the BSN already supports dApps and tools across over 15 blockchain projects, including Ethereum. 

It aims to fast-track the adoption of blockchain by small and medium-sized enterprises in China. From the BSN, connected businesses, governments, and individuals would-compared to using other networks--deploy dApps cheaply and build conveniently. Creators of the BSN hope to eventually build a vast network akin to a 'Digital Silk Road,' connecting the rest of the world to the economic powerhouse. 

Out of the BSN, a solution, an 'internet of blockchains' would be built, operating from different cloud platforms, portals, and frameworks. The BSN has a consensus order, including a cluster service, and a public city node linked to the internet and used to build a blockchain service node.

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