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Everything you need to know about Tezos

Smart contracting platforms continue to sprout; the resulting competition is exciting for end-users and an opportunity for investors/traders.

Tezos is one of them.

The platform's native currency is XTZ. It is available for trading at CryptoAltum.

What makes Tezos stand out?

Many would say, the platform's modular architecture, formal mechanism, and its self-amending nature make the protocol attractive. However, that's one feature of Tezos. It is flexible, allowing for quick conflict resolutions, deterring set-backing hard forks.

The central part of Tezos is the mainnet where live dApps operate from. Beyond that, Tezos is stratified to cater to the interest of all network users. At the protocol level, there is the Zeronet and Alphanet, which are helpful for network developers. These are perfect grounds for testing and launching dApps.

Network users who prefer freedom and diffusion of power will gravitate towards Tezos because of its on-chain governance model. By choosing the delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, coin holders are part of the governance process. They can vote on proposals and stake, earning yields.

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