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Google Says Yes to Bitcoin and Crypto Ads but with a Caveat

Bitcoin prices are supposed to be trending right now. It is in light of the news from Google and their 'support' of crypto advertisements, reversing their stance after years but under a few provisions.

2017 was a fruitful year by all standards--record prices, crypto bursting to the mainstream, projects blossoming and crafting decentralized solutions while finding support from a decentralized funding model in ICOs, and all that.

Then Google announced harsh measures on crypto ads, effectively stopping projects from marketing their solutions. It came at a cost for Google, but the company claimed it was for the common good. Months later, it was revealed that most blockchain projects were hell-bent on fleecing gullible investors. There are thus far hundreds of projects which received projects without coming through.

Google is now making an exception, allowing crypto and Bitcoin advertisements, as per reports on August 3. Permitted entities are those compliant with U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) laws. Besides adhering to Google rules, those respective businesses—exchanges and wallet providers—targeting U.S. clients must be certified by the world's largest marketing firm.

As before, adverts around crowd-funding, trading cryptocurrencies, or DeFi won't see the day of lights—a position Google has maintained for months now.

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