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Is Elon Musk the CEO of Dogecoin?

Twitter and other social media channels are activity-dense with Elon, Doge, and other Dogecoin-inspired memes.

Almost all posted astronomical gains.

Thanks to one man: Elon Musk.

Apparently, the world's richest man loves Dogs and Dogecoin, to be specific.

While we aren't sure if he has a pet or a Shiba-Inu, to be exact, we do know that he can’t get enough of Dogecoin—a joke currency inspired by Shiba-Inu.

He’s the Doge master because Dogecoin has a meme dog and other projects like Ethereum, for instance, are scared of Doge.

This association propelled DOGE to the Top-10: A feat.

Still, we must be clear.


Dogecoin is an open project. Perhaps Elon owns a bit of Doge, endorses it from time to time, but he doesn’t control the network.

Of course, it would be cool if Tesla or Elon runs a Dogecoin node (he's yet to reveal their status, by the way).

This virtue alone means Dogecoin, sound and valuable as it is, is under the control of miners. Miners and core developers guide the network, continuously improving its open-source code and minting more DOGE coins to satisfy the ravenous retail.

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