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SEC Refuses to Reveal Employees BTC ETH and Crypto Holdings

In the ongoing case between the SEC and Ripple Labs—the minter of XRP, it has emerged that the agency, despite orders from the court, is refusing to release a list of their employees' holding of, among other coins, ETH and BTC.

Elektra Group to Install Bitcoin Lightning Network Support

Ricardo Salinas--the owner of Elektra Group, the Mexican retail and Fintech giant, has revealed that it would soon support Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network in their stores. The group supports over 7k points across several countries in the Americas, including the United States.

How Ethereum Plans to Address the High Gas Fees

Ethereum is undoubtedly the market leader in smart contracting. It is the home for DeFi, NFTs, and pretty much all other exciting developments that define crypto—or blockchain. However, Ethereum has a scaling challenge—it can only process 15 TPS—a reason for the high gas fees.

Cardano Bursts to New All-Time Highs

Ahead of a possibly crypto-shaking software update, Cardano (ADA) prices surged to a new all-time high above $3 on September 2. At the time of writing, the coin has contracted slightly from all-time highs. However, at over $94.5 billion, it is the third most valuable asset, eclipsing BNB.

What is Polkadot Crowd Loan Lease Period?

By now, you have learned that Polkadot offers much more than just scalability and interoperability. While it is still a relatively new project, Gavin Wood and the core team are also introducing a new way of funding projects.

Twitter could Integrate Bitcoin for Tipping

Twitter, the $52.5 billion company and one of the most popular social media platforms globally, may soon integrate a Bitcoin tipping system. It is assuming the reversed engineered version of the upcoming update is anything to go by.

What is a Crowdloan in Polkadot?

The blockchain space is dynamic. Projects innovate, rolling out new products to improve on existing solutions. There is a history to prove this. After ICOs were banned, crypto exchanges introduced IEOs then came the trustlessness of IDOs.

Ethereum Layer-2 Solution Arbitrum Now Live on Mainnet Raises $120 Million

Arbitrum, the Ethereum layer-2 solution, is now live on the mainnet, open to all network users. As per an announcement of August 31, the deployment also coincided with the solution's developers, Offchain Labs, receiving $120 million in a Series B funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners.

What is the Difficulty Bomb in Ethereum?

Crypto is unlike any other tech space. Yes, tribalism is inescapable. This is normal since bias is just ingrained in users' DNA. Most can't help it. All the same, Ethereum is a market leader and one of the most actively developed. It remains a legacy chain with limitations.

One of the Largest Mortgage Lenders to Accept Bitcoin Payment from Q3 2021

United Wholesale Mortgage, the second-largest mortgage lender in the U.S., will accept Bitcoin for home loans from Q3 2021. According to the CEO, the firm has done its groundwork. Their feasibility study revealed that it was safe to accept Bitcoin to satisfy mortgage payments.

What is a Confirmed Transaction in Cryptocurrency?

Crypto is unique because of several salient features. Some of them include censorship resistance and immutability due to the network's reliance on a community of distributed miners or validators. These players are critical, powering the network every other minute, ensuring continuity.

Cuba Reportedly set to make Bitcoin Legal Tender and Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Cuba—a country that's always at loggerheads with the U.S—is reportedly planning to regulate cryptocurrencies and make Bitcoin legal tender, a move welcomed by its tech-savvy population. News sources indicate that the country plans to set rules that will govern cryptocurrencies' role in payment.
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