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Polkadot (DOT) Preferred by Crypto Venture Funds, here's why Traders should closely watch

According to Messari, Polkadot is one of the most accumulated altcoins. Based on the site's analytics, Polkadot leads ahead of other altcoins like LUNA and NEAR tokens.

Although these DeFi tokens have posted impressive results, as price charts reveal, Polkadot bodes well with investors for several reasons. 

In the age of energy efficiency and environmental conservation, the Polkadot consensus system syncs well with green investors, helping loosen their investment bags, directly aiding support DOT prices.

Meanwhile, Polkadot is at the forefront with an ambitious goal of connecting disparate blockchains. This is its main value proposition. Eventually, Polkadot will link Ethereum and many other smart contracting platforms while allowing projects to launch on the podium with easy interoperability links than they would if planning to release products in isolated chains. 

Polkadot's development team is meticulous, taking a measured style to test out programs on Kusama before releasing them on the primary chain. For this reason, Kusama—which exists as an independent, interoperable chain—is considered Polkadot's canary network. The success of Kusama mirrors that of Polkadot.

Parachain auction slots are being experimented on Kusama and will soon activate in Polkadot. It is an innovative way of crowd-funding, a significant improvement from ICOs and IEOs.

In all, these features add value to DOT, availing opportunities for savvy traders—especially those with access to high leverage like in CryptoAltum.

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