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Trading Market Indices, what you need to know

The liberation of trading allowed brokers to be more inventive, offering clients the best of what's available on the market. 

An index, in literal terms, is a tracker of something. 

An index measures the price performance of shares that make up a group from a regulated exchange in trading. 

As an illustration, the FTSE 100 tracks the price change of the share prices of the top 100 companies traded in the LSE.

Trading indices allow a trader to get exposure to a broad spectrum of sectors via a single position. Together, an index can indicate the state of the economy in the eyes of the stock market.

Trading indices with CryptoAltum means the ability to easily access the global equity market, enjoy high leverage of 1:100, and the ability to go short or long. 

All indices are traded in lots. One lot equals one unit of the index being traded. 

What's more, the trading price will be in the currency of the index's country. Therefore, trading the DJIA means the unit price is in USD, NIKKEI in JPY, and so forth.

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