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What is a Blockchain DDoS Attack?

Folks in IT know this too well. A classic Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is successful when an external force successfully bars end users from accessing services.

This denial of service is frustrating for the end-user but potentially consequential for the targeted platform.

To execute a DDoS attack, a nefarious agent does one thing: Overwhelm the platform or the centralized server with a deluge of requests and traffic.

Do this persistently, and the system collapses, blocking access. Behind the scenes, attackers can take this outage as a chance to infiltrate and inflict damage. 

Unfortunately, all centralized online services are susceptible to DDoS attacks.

Can this be replicated in blockchain with the same efficacy?

A valid question since a blockchain comprises decentralized servers distributed across the globe.

Yes, it can. There have been daring attempts before.

DDoS attacks follow the same script.

In this case, instead of an attacker aiming torrents of requests and traffic to a single node, they simultaneously target multiple key nodes of the blockchain. 

Ethereum suffered such an attack in 2016. 

Still, DDoSing a public ledger is time-consuming and complex because of the different targets that need to be hit concurrently.

Blockchain developers successfully block such attacks through further decentralization. This way, the efficacy of the attack is clipped. At the same time, other servers have access to better bandwidth, ensuring that the network operates smoothly.

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