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What is a 'Non-Block Producing Node' in EOSIO?

Crypto differentiates itself from the rest primarily due to its level of development. 

There has been a notable shift from legacy chains utilizing Proof-of-Work like Ethereum and Bitcoin to new generation blockchains like EOS. Their selling points are the high throughput and scalability incorporating energy-efficient consensus styles.

The EOSIO dPoS chain is the home of EOS, one of the top valuable and liquid cryptocurrencies available for trading at CryptoAltum.

Keeping the EOSIO going are 21 Block Producers. These are special nodes, validators, which EOS holders constantly vote for. The 21 Block Producers (validators) are block-producing nodes.

A node that's in the 'stand-by pool' is a non-producing node. Anytime, these can be voted in and become a block-producing node.

Even so, a non-block producing node can also exist independently and not be part of the 'stand-by pool.'

Instead, the node would be configured to constantly watch and verify its blocks while maintaining a local copy of the EOSIO blockchain since the producer_plugin isn't activated. 

More often than not, a non-block producing node isn't part of the 'stand-by pool' and not interested to be a block producer.

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