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What is Instacoins?

Crypto is still a niche industry—only a tiny percentage of the global population knows what Bitcoin is. It is estimated that only one percent of the seven billion people in this world have a crypto wallet, holding some few coins like Bitcoin.

For those who don't but plan to acquire some using their credit/debit cards and bank transfers, Instacoins can be a perfect ramp. CryptoAltum recommends this provider, especially for newbies who might also want to have a crypto wallet.

Instacoins is a secure, global, and regulated platform where people can buy Bitcoin transparently without any hidden fees. There are no fine prints confusing users, and the rate displayed is what the user receives. Besides, the user interface is as easy-to-use and intuitive as possible.

Behind Instacoins is Instacoins LTD--which is on the mission to make cryptocurrencies accessible to as many people as possible, conveniently enabling the purchase of Bitcoin using fiat. Instacoins LTD is licensed in the European Union.

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