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What is MultiChain in Blockchain?

Blockchains are open and transparent. Accordingly, third-party agencies can track transactions, creating a map of how value and data flows. 

Out of this, it is quite easy to crack the identity of the persons behind each transaction. For this, blockchain transactions are confidential but not anonymous.

There are efforts to make blockchain transactions private, and one way of doing that is by using a MultiChain. 

A MultiChain can be described as a lightweight private network that's flexible to use, integrating several features, including permissioned management, native assets, and data streams for simple per-chain configuration.

It is an off-the-shelf platform that offers an API and a user interface to create and deploy private dApps for use within or between organizations. 

Out of these, it would be easier for companies who would like their personal information to remain off public records to transact confidential financial information.

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