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What is Tendermint Core?

Building a blockchain from scratch is arduous. 

Tendermint is where projects can launch their interoperable blockchain without going back to square one, drafting code and all. The protocol acts as a blockchain stack with a modular architecture, allowing changes to be done securely.

The protocol uses the Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) system for consensus. Therefore, it is by default a Proof-of-Staking system that is more energy-efficient using validators instead of miners. 

Since the software is modular, it is quicker for projects to deploy dApps straight from this layer without worrying much about incentives or which consensus algorithm to deploy—all these have been resolved by default by the user. 

Easing all this is Tendermint core's Application Blockchain Interface (ABCI) which defines the boundary between the blockchain and all applications that run on it. Due to the separation of consensus and dApps that can run on the software, Tendermint Core allows for even more flexibility, therefore saving resources.

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