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Crypto Education: What's the Difference between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)?

Anything public can be good or bad—depending on management.

There are clashes—make the space so exciting—guided by different philosophies that may be resolved. However, sometimes network participants can disagree mainly on the path a network should take. In this extreme case, a hard fork becomes inevitable.

Bitcoin has been forked severally. However, Bitcoin Cash and BSV are well known.

What then differentiates them?

First off, all share the same parent chain—only splitting at various dates. All of them are Proof-of-Work-based, and the same gear mining Bitcoin can be deployed to BCH and BSC networks.

The difference arises from the factions' philosophies, as aforementioned.

Bitcoin Cash 'forked' from Bitcoin in September after SegWit 2X failed to sail through as an on-chain scaling solution for Bitcoin. Therefore Bitcoin and BCH are different mainly because of block size. BTC has a block size of 1 MB, while BCH boasts of an 8MB block size.

Later on, Bitcoin Cash split into two in a protracted 'hash rate' war pitting Roger Ver of BCH and Craig Wright of BSV.

The resulting fork created BSV. Unlike BCH, Craig's team wanted a bigger block size of 128 MB for better scalability and lower transaction costs.

All the same, BTC is still the most valuable despite forking coins’ value propositions, with BCH coming second and last BSV.

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