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What is the Difference Between TRC-20 and TRC-10 Tokens in Tron?

In some sectors, Tron's activity surpasses Ethereum. This is partly because of Tron's high scalability, which translates to low on-chain transaction fees.

Like Ethereum, Tron is also a smart contracting platform hosting dozens of dApps. For dApps with tokens, they can either subscribe to the TRC-10 or TRC-20 standards.

But what are the key differences?

TRC-20 tokens, native to Tron, are the most common. Smart contracts that mint these tokens are compatible with the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM). The TRC-20 standard is a near copy of Ethereum's ERC-20 standard. What's more, the TVM—and thus TRC-20 standard—is compatible with the ERC-20.

On the other hand, the TRC-10 standard is native to Tron but isn't compatible with the TVM. According to Tron's documentation, they plan to release the TRC-10 standard interface in the days ahead.

Generally, TRC-10 compliant tokens are easy to track and TronScan observable. Also, since the GUI for projects that want Crowdfund via this token standard is activated, it is easy to manage and duplicate token names.

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