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Why is Hal Finney Revered in Crypto and Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first crypto. It launched at the height of the Great Credit Crisis of 2008-09.

The face synonymous with Bitcoin is the mysterious founder, Satoshi Nakamoto.

There have been attempts to demystify and crack his identity but to no success.

Craig Wright of the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision claims to be one without providing solid evidence. As such, he's been labeled a con.

We know so far that Hal Finney is the first person to receive BTC from the legend Satoshi Nakamoto. He began running the Bitcoin code back in January 2009.

Before he succumbed to a terminal illness in 2014, the computer scientist predicted Bitcoin to succeed. He said BTC could reach $10 million to command trillions in market cap in one of his posts. 

Hal believed that Bitcoin represented a promising idea. He constantly provided ideas that kept the network running during its early days, literally preventing the network from falling over.

From his contribution and being one of the earliest adopters of BTC, some speculate that Hal is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

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