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29th Dec 2020
CryptoAltum Research Team

4 Dash Improvement Proposals Could Combine to Pump Price Even Higher

A Dash supporter says the continuous improvement of the Dash platform will ultimately help to further pump prices above spot rates. In a tweet on Dec 27, Christopher Carruthers said the rejuvenation of messaging, a continuing transition to seeing value in utility, and a coiled spring-back will fan the next wave of DASH demand above 2020 highs.


The Dash price is trading at around 2020 highs, and its utility—especially in Venezuela, could help drive prices even higher. The coin's use especially as a form of money—currency, finding widespread use in countries such as Venezuela whose local currency has been significantly debased, has been steadying prices due to demand. However, the introduction of the four improvement proposals could further spark demand pushing prices above $150. 

Impact on the DASH Price: 

Bullish. The coin, which also supports private transactions, is flexible and is widely used in Venezuela because of its low transaction fees and speed.

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