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13th Apr 2021
Dalmas Ngetich, for CryptoAltum News Team

Cardano (ADA) Prices Could Reach $13 by the end of 2021

According to a technical analyst, Justin Bennett, ADA/USD prices could reach $13 by the end of the year. He cites several developments. The chief is the eventual transition to Goguen and smart contracting activation that brings DeFi to the peer-reviewed platform. Presently, Cardano users can mint native tokens and are inching closer to smart contracting with Alonzo, the third and final Hard Fork Combinator (HFC).


 Cardano topped the performance chart last year, surpassing ETH and BTC—the two leading coins that also ripped to new all-time highs. Surging 32X year-to-date, traders are positioning themselves for more gains from now on because the Goguen phase would be a game-changer. Cardano is differentiated from Ethereum. The platform is already decentralized with over 1,000 staking pools. It is also scalable, and projects would eventually pay fees in their native assets, not ADA.

Impact on the Cardano Price: 

Bullish. After Shelley, Cardano is now one of the most decentralized. However, Goguen will be a crucial milestone. As blockchain adoption increases, Cardano would stand out, boosting ADA/USD prices.

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