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24th Dec 2020
CryptoAltum Research Team

Monero Price Continues to Impress Despite Privacy Coins Crackdown

Even in the face of resistance, the Monero price continues to impress. In the last week of trading, the XMR price has outperformed the greenback and ETH. It is also trading at a two-year high as privacy-centric traders opt for a network whose code is being improved constantly despite agencies contracting third parties to create tracking solutions.


XMR is one of the top performers in the top-20. It has registered gains against the USD and ETH—a coin that is outperforming BTC. This shows just how potent the coin is and the value proposition of the network whose obfuscating solutions are outwitting even the most specialized blockchain tracking firms. Law enforcement authorities and some US government agencies are urging exchanges to delist privacy coins of which the most popular in XMR. Amid this crackdown, developers are working on atomic swaps enabling trustless trading with Bitcoin.

Impact on the XMR Price: 

Bullish. The resilience of XMR prices and the higher highs in recent days points to the main value proposition and reliability of the Monero network.

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