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08th Mar 2021
Dalmas Ngetich, for CryptoAltum News Team

NASDAQ Falls, Inflation Worries Suppressing Price Expansion

Sell pressure on tech stocks following the $1.9 trillion stimulus package passage over the weekend saw the NASDAQ fall on Monday as investors' inflation concerns remain elevated. Last year, as the world sought to handle the coronavirus pandemic, tech stocks like Amazon and Twitter edged higher, lifting the NASDAQ index. Presently, value stocks, especially those whose value had been shaved by the coronavirus pandemic and contagion measures, look likely to benefit from Bidenomics.


The Senate, over the weekend, gave the $1.9 trillion package a nod, sparking fees of high inflation in the coming months. Consequently, investors dumped treasuries which in turn forced yields higher, heaping pressure on the stock market and making government borrowing expensive. With low-interest record rates, the FED aggressively protecting the economy, and the approval of even more trillions, the stock market remains under pressure. Investors are looking to protect their wealth from inflation.

Impact on indices: 

Neutral to bearish. Tech stock and the stock market as a whole may be overvalued. Therefore, a dump could lead to a cascading effect and snowballing, clipping gains as the market seeks to find a fair valuation. Inflation fears and even more money from the Biden administration may weigh bulls, allowing bears to take charge.

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