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06th Oct 2020
CryptoAltum Research Team

Eth2 Test Network Expands to over 75 GB in Two Months

Full nodes (validators) of the Eth2 Medalla test network now store over 75 GB worth of transactions after being operational for approximately two months. During this time, over 2 million “virtual” ETH has been staked as full nodes continue to be in “archive” mode. At this state, every transaction change in the test network is kept, which isn’t usually the case in the mainnet.


Eth2 will introduce network shards and Medalla was expected to be the last multi-client test network before the genesis date announcement. This didn’t come to pass because of technical glitches. Although validators won’t switch to “archive” mode in the mainnet, it shows just how heavy and intensive Eth2 will be, partly reflecting Ethereum’s huge demand.

Impact on the ETH price: 

Neutral. Validators will have to stake a minimum of 32 ETH to operate a full node. The low barrier for entry is to fulfill the network’s decentralization objective. Since security will depend on the price of ETH, the size of the full node will likely not be a deterrent.

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