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26th Nov 2020
CryptoAltum Research Team

Ethereum Google Search Levels at 2018 Levels ahead of Eth2 Launch

The Public is finally “FOMOing” on Ethereum. As per Google Trends, related searches are at early 2018 levels. It coincides with the ETH price rallying above key resistance levels and the imminent launch of Eth2 Phase 0.


Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 is when Ethereum interest was peaking. ICO-driven, the smart contracting platform was (and remains) the choice for projects launching their projects. ETH, BTC, and select fiat currencies were mostly accepted for token purchase. Regulators stepped in, naive investors lost money, and many more scammers were penalized, but the wave fizzled. The rise of DeFi and the development progress in Ethereum could explain the renewed public interest, a precursor for a possible moonshot.

Impact on the ETH Price: 

Bullish. Eth2 launches in a few days and public interest is at ICO-levels. Given the current price contraction, a bullish trigger is on the offing more so if prices break above $600 and register a new 2020 high.

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