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19th Oct 2020
CryptoAltum Research Team

The Monero Oxygen Orion Upgrade Successful

The Monero “Oxygen Orion” upgrade was executed successfully on Oct 17. Promising to improve the on-chain scalability of the private network, the hard fork enhanced the general performance of the platform on several facets including transaction times, block sizes, and security.


The Oct 17 upgrade saw the popular privacy-centric platform introduce one core change to its ring signature architecture, introducing the CLSAG but without changes to the Monero’s mining algorithm. This improves Monero’s scalability and performance and is the second major hard fork after the introduction of bulletproofs back in 2018. Aside from superior performance and scalability, the update introduced the Dandelion++ which is responsible for hiding a user’s IP address.

Impact on the XMR Price: 

Bullish. More developers are now working on Monero, introducing exciting changes to enhance the pro-privacy network’s security, scalability, and general performance. With the Oxygen Orion, the Monero network’s performance is now 10 percent more despite growing concerns from law enforcement including Europol.

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