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27th Oct 2020
CryptoAltum Research Team

Vitalik dismisses Quantstamp’s Eth2 Launch Greenlights

The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin--who is also the architect working behind the scene and even coordinating Eth2 rollout, has dismissed Richard Ma’s comments that the Beacon Chain mainnet launch is ready to ship. Richard is the CEO of Quantstamp--a smart contract auditing firm, and made these comments after they completed the auditing of Teku, an Eth2 client developed by ConsenSys. 


Eth2 ushers the next era for Ethereum introducing energy efficiency, scalability, without sacrificing decentralization. Aiming to upgrade the base layer and extend its functionalities, Eth2 is closely watched by blockchain enthusiasts. The launch of Phase 0, the Beacon Chain mainnet, is scheduled at a tentative time in Q4 but when the deposit contract date is set remains tentative. That it is ready is widely alluded but the dismissal of Quantstamp CEO’s comments by Vitalik despite the supposed conclusion and verification of Teku points to Ethereum developers’ patient, a strategy to ensure an eventual smooth transition without technical hitches which can be catastrophic for ETH and even the crypto world.

Impact on ETH Price: 

Neutral. Until after the deposit contract date is set and the team confirms the transition towards staking, everything else remains non-impactful on price. Ethereum developers said the code is ready and is being audited.

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