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Trade the world’s newest and most
exciting market.

Since cryptocurrencies exploded into the public consciousness in late 2017 when Bitcoin had a historical rally, the combined market cap of crypto has increased to over $260 billion.

The crypto market is completely decentralised, and therefore free from any government manipulation or interference. Now a diverse and sophisticated market in its own right, the world of crypto offers unprecedented trading opportunities.


Crypto PairSymbolMin SpreadMin Lot SizeMax Lot SizeStop/Limit LevelsTrading SessionMT5 Web Platform
ADABTC0.000000035005000002424/7Trade Now
ADAEUR0.000465500500000150024/7Trade Now
ADAJPY0.04950050000078424/7Trade Now
ADAUSD0.00044250050000072824/7Trade Now
ADAXRP0.00195005000007624/7Trade Now
BCHBTC0.000080.3404424/7Trade Now
BCHDSH0.01230.340889624/7Trade Now
BCHETH0.00190.340259224/7Trade Now
BCHEUR0.260.34012424/7Trade Now
BCHJPY250.34015624/7Trade Now
BCHLTC0.022780.340901224/7Trade Now
BCHUSD0.240.34014024/7Trade Now
BCHXRP5.10.3401763624/7Trade Now
BNBBTC0.0000057853000890424/7Trade Now
BNBJPY8530001607624/7Trade Now
BNBUSD0.0753000333224/7Trade Now
BNBXRP0.2868530001254424/7Trade Now
BSVUSD0.55120021624/7Trade Now
BTCEUR1.950.015090424/7Trade Now
BTCJPY2100.015088024/7Trade Now
BTCUSD1.750.015072024/7Trade Now
DOGUSD0.000475250010000011524/7Trade Now
DOTBTC0.00000211015000110024/7Trade Now
DOTEUR0.125101500055024/7Trade Now
DOTJPY15.00101500055024/7Trade Now
DOTUSD0.06101500055024/7Trade Now
DSHBTC0.000044114018824/7Trade Now
DSHETH0.00155114078424/7Trade Now
DSHEUR0.228114099224/7Trade Now
DSHJPY22114010024/7Trade Now
DSHLTC0.007981140259224/7Trade Now
DSHUSD0.216114053224/7Trade Now
DSHXRP1.98114052887624/7Trade Now
EOSBTC0.0000005150100081224/7Trade Now
EOSJPY0.6501000981624/7Trade Now
EOSUSD0.0065010008424/7Trade Now
ETHBTC0.0000080.11503224/7Trade Now
ETHEUR0.10.115081624/7Trade Now
ETHJPY90.11504424/7Trade Now
ETHLTC0.0210.180576824/7Trade Now
ETHUSD0.080.11504424/7Trade Now
IOTUSD0.0017100100000360024/7Trade Now
LTCBTC0.00000414003224/7Trade Now
LTCEUR0.099140078424/7Trade Now
LTCJPY914004424/7Trade Now
LTCUSD0.095140039624/7Trade Now
LTCXRP0.498914003676024/7Trade Now
SHBUSD0.0000001210000000400000000524/7Trade Now
TRXUSD0.000150005000003262024/7Trade Now
XLMEUR0.0011500100000050000024/7Trade Now
XLMBTC0.0000000250010000001624/7Trade Now
XLMJPY0.05850030035224/7Trade Now
XLMUSD0.0014500100000014000024/7Trade Now
XMRBTC0.000023430018824/7Trade Now
XMREUR0.43130019624/7Trade Now
XMRJPY53130035224/7Trade Now
XMRUSD0.4841300252024/7Trade Now
XTZUSD0.01250350003360024/7Trade Now
CHZUSD0.0013895824/7Coming Soon
ENJUSD0.009494424/7Coming Soon
DGBUSD0.0002061424/7Coming Soon
THTUSD0.0224/7Coming Soon
MANUSD0.0176637524/7Coming Soon
SOLUSD0.738524/7Coming Soon
LUNUSD0.384524/7Coming Soon
LNKUSD0.02724/7Coming Soon
WBTUSD3024/7Coming Soon
ZRXUSD0.002524/7Coming Soon
RENUSD0.0017524/7Coming Soon
UNIUSD0.06524/7Coming Soon
SNXUSD0.025524/7Coming Soon
CROUSD0.0027914424/7Coming Soon
AAVUSD0.86224/7Coming Soon
COMUSD0.959824/7Coming Soon
MATUSD0.135804524/7Coming Soon


Margin Requirements

CryptoAltum uses a dynamic leverage model, which automatically adapts to the clients' trading positions. This allows clients to take advantage of the maximum leverage offered, while still having limits in place.

As the client's trading volume increases, the maximum leverage offered decreases, as per the tables below:
TiersVolume USDMax LeverageMargin Requirement %
Tier 10 - 10,0001:5000.2
Tier 210,000 – 50,0001:2000.5
Tier 350,000 – 100,0001:1001
Tier 4100,000 – 200,0001:502
Tier 5200,000 – 1,000,0001:205
TiersVolume USDMax LeverageMargin Requirement %
Tier 10 - 10,0001:5000.2
Tier 210,000 – 20,0001:2000.5
Tier 320,000 – 60,0001:1001
Tier 460,000 – 80,0001:502
Tier 580,000 – 300,0001:205


Financing Fees

Financing fees are charged as a % of the overall position value every four hours at:

server time

The rate varies according to the pair being traded and the direction (buy/sell) of the position.

The total fee is calculated as:

Contract size x Financing Fee (%) x Position size (lots)

The fee will be automatically converted into the base currency of the trading account before being deducted.

The below table lists the historical average financing fee (%) per lot:

CryptocurrencySymbolLong (Buy)Short (Sell)
Risk Disclosure: Trading cryptocurrencies or any other financial instrument involves a significant level of risk and may result in a total loss of your investment. You should consider carefully whether investing in Bitcoin or any other instrument offered by CryptoAltum is appropriate to your financial situation. CryptoAltum only accepts deposits in Cryptocurrencies. By trading with CryptoAltum you acknowledge your understanding of this risk disclosure and your agreement with the Terms and Conditions.

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CryptoAltum does not accept any clients under the age of 18. 
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