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Ethereum Layer-2 Arbitrum TVL Stands at Over $2.3 Billion: Gas Fees Still High

Trackers on September 16 show that Arbitrum locks over $2.3 billion less than a month after launching. While popular, the adoption of the layer-2 solution isn't helping keep Gas fees low. According to BitInfoCharts, the average cost of a simple transaction stands at $24.

Golden Cross Forms on the Bitcoin Daily Chart: BTC Traders Bullish

In what is renewing confidence after a hammering last week, Bitcoin traders are ecstatic because of a Golden Cross formation in the daily chart. Although a section of traders are not convinced this will turn the fortune for those who lost their arms last week, historically, this pattern precedes a rapid expansion in prices.

Hebei Banning Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Activities

The Hebei cyberspace commission, an agency in one of China's expansive provinces, has banned Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining activities, including trading, within its jurisdiction. According to a Reuters report, these activities obstruct China's environmental conservancy efforts.

Gary Gensler of the SEC: Stablecoins Might as well be Securities

In responding to the long-time Senator of Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, Gary Gensler, the U.S. SEC head, revealed that stablecoins might well be securities. Stablecoins are digital currencies pegged to fiat and therefore move in sync. Their role in the crypto world is indispensable.

Why Litecoin Scrypt Hashing Algorithm is Superior

Litecoin is now trading at $180, nearly half of this year's rates. All the same, LTC is one of the most liquid coins around, with a well-established ecosystem comprising admirable infrastructure.

Litecoin Rises 20 Percent Then Dumps on Fake Walmart News

On September 13, Litecoin, one of the earliest cryptocurrencies supplementing Bitcoin, rose 20 percent on a fake press release by Globe Newswire purportedly announcing the adoption of LTC by Walmart—one of the world's largest eCommerce grocer.

Germany Runs More Bitcoin Nodes than the US

New data from Bitnodes reveals that there are now more Bitcoin full node operators in Germany than in the United States. Node operators are the backbone of any public ledger, of which Bitcoin is no exception.

Cardano Activates Smart Contracts via Goguen Update

On September 12, Cardano, the third most valuable crypto project, activated smart contracts, officially marking the end of the Goguen Phase, the third of the five steps that would complete Cardano's development.

Eth2 Deposit Contract Now Locks $30 Billion

As of September 10, over $30 billion of ETH is locked in the official Eth2 deposit contract on the Beacon Chain. This is yet but another confirmation that traders and investors are confident of Ethereum prospects. As such, they are willing to back the project, making the parallel staking network one of the most secure Proof-of-Stake platforms.

Ukraine Legalizes Bitcoin Provides Clarity for HODLers and Businesses

On September 9, Ukraine said it was legalizing Bitcoin following the approval of a bill by the country's legislature. The bill was first drafted in 2020. However, it was until yesterday that the members of parliament voted on its proposals and signed by President Volodymyr Zelensky, making the bill's content law.

Bitcoin Onchain Analysts: Buying Pressure Getting Stronger

A Bitcoin on-chain analyst, Willy Woo, notes that the spot market is getting stronger following the flash crash of September 7. Per his observation, only the leveraged market bore the market of bears following a deleveraging whose trigger has so far not been pinpointed.

Standard Chartered: Ethereum Can Reach $35k

Ethereum is the most dynamic platform for DeFi and NFT operations. ETH, according to supporters, is also on the path of being ultrasound money and set to be scarcer than Bitcoin and gold in the long term.
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