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Technical Analysis: BNBUSD 16.05.2022

The BNB price is posting higher highs but is within a bearish breakout formation. The immediate resistance line is $320—marking May 11 highs. How BNB reacts at this level may define the short to the medium-term formation, even propping bulls after last week's dumps.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 16.05.2022

There are flashes of strength as per the BTCUSDT candlestick arrangement in the daily chart. Despite the encouraging recovery, BTC bulls are not out of the woods, at least for now. Bitcoin prices are still within a bearish breakout formation. Besides, bulls are yet to reverse recent losses, and prices are within last week's trade range. BTC is down roughly 10 percent at spot rates in the previous trading week.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 13.05.2022

The BTC price is back above $30k when writing, trackers reveal. The recovery is a shot in the arm for buyers following sharp, destabilizing losses below $28k on May 12. Sellers are still in control, but the pullback from the present reaction line could point to slowing down bears and a possibility of a higher high over the weekend. BTC is now up nine percent versus the USDT on the previous trading day.

Technical Analysis: XTZUSD 13.05.2022

XTZ prices are printing higher at spot rates, adding 10 percent in the previous trading day. Like the rest of the crypto markets, the coin appears to be finding its footing after deep, double-digit losses of the past trading week. Overall, sellers are still in control though the tide could change in the immediate term if XTZ prices are sustained above this week's lows.

Technical Analysis: TRXUSD 12.05.2022

As per the candlestick arrangement in the daily chart, sellers are dominant. TRX is at break even versus the USDT in the last trading week. However, bulls are resilient, soaking the deluge of selling pressure of early this week. Presently, buyers stand a chance if they keep prices above $0.07 with more headroom if there is a snapback to trend above last week's highs of around $0.09.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 12.05.2022

The Bitcoin price is within a bear breakout formation as per the arrangement in the daily chart. By early May 11, BTC was down double digits in the last trading week, dropping 31 percent and below the critical support level of $29.5k. Sellers remain firmly in control, and BTCUSDT in new 2022 territory.

Technical Analysis: ETHUSD 11.05.2022

Ethereum is deep in red like most crypto assets. When writing, ETH is up four percent in the past trading day but is down 16 percent week-to-date versus the USDT. There are encouraging recoveries at spot rates. However, this is not enough to dissuade holders who were pummeled on May 9 following the sharp dump that saw ETH plunge to as low as $2.1k.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 11.05.2022

According to trackers, Bitcoin is back to July 2021 lows when writing, dumping double digits in the last trading week. At spot rates, BTC is bearish and retesting critical support lines. Although the coin is evidently under immense selling pressure, the rejection of lower prices on May 10 could indicate shifting trader sentiments.

Technical Analysis: XMRUSD 10.05.2022

The XMR price, more like the state of the crypto market across the board, hasn't been spared the whims of sellers. The coin is down a massive 10 percent against the USDT in the past 24 hours alone. Notably, after a period of sideways movement above $200, Monero prices crashed below the round number, confirming the bear breakout formation of April 26.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 10.05.2022

The Bitcoin price sank to as low as $30k on May 9 as bears stepped up. Following the sharp dump, sellers are in a commanding position. BTC is now down four percent in the previous trading day and a massive 15 percent week-to-date. Reading from the extreme fear in the market, sellers are apprehensive, and this won't help steady BTC.

Technical Analysis: LUNUSD 09.05.2022

The LUNA coin continues to slip versus the USDT when writing. Although buyers are confident, sellers have been firm. As per the performance in the daily chart, LUNA is within a bear breakout formation as bulls are capped below $80. In the previous trading week, the coin is down 11 percent against the USDT. If sellers press, the token could slide below the immediate support, slumping to Q1 2022 lows.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 09.05.2022

Bitcoin is inches away from retesting Q1 2022 lows. The coin is down four percent in the last trading day. Buyers are struggling to keep up against a deluge of sellers. Based on the formation in the daily chart, traders can unload on every attempt to pullback towards recent highs.
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