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Technical Analysis: ETHBTC 08.12.2021

The ETHBTC price is inching higher, breaking above an ascending channel, signaling ETH bulls. Although Ethereum buyers might step up further, there were pockets of weakness as per the development in the daily chart.

Technical Analysis: ETHUSD 08.12.2021

Ethereum prices are back in range, crucially above $4k, reversing December 4 losses. While bullish for ETH, bears are still weak from a technical perspective.

Technical Analysis: DSHUSD 07.12.2021

DASH prices are now at new H2 2021 lows, down 53 percent from August peaks. The path of least resistance has been defined and sellers are firmly in control. At this pace, the odds of sellers stepping up and completely reversing gains of H2 2021 remain high.

Technical Analysis: XLMUSD 07.12.2021

Stellar Lumens' price remains under intense selling pressure despite early Asian session revival. When writing, the XLMUSDT pair is within a bear breakout pattern, sliding below $0.30—a former support line now resistance—reversing gains of October 2021.

Technical Analysis: BNBUSD 06.12.2021

The Binance Coin is relatively resilient even in the face of relentless sellers. BNBUSDT price performance in the daily chart shows BNB is within a bear breakout pattern, trending below a key multi-week support trend line.

Technical Analysis: XRPUSD 06.12.2021

The Ripple price is on a sinker, a reflection of the overall state of the crypto market. With XRP bulls on the receiving end, sellers are in control. If anything, a definite trend has been set and XRP prices are capped below $1.

Technical Analysis: LTCUSD 03.12.2021

Litecoin moves in lock-step with Bitcoin. Judging from the LTCUSDT price performance in the daily chart, sellers appear to be at the wheel.

Technical Analysis: XMRUSD 03.12.2021

Monero might be the most valuable privacy coin. Right now, XMR buyers are having a hard time coping with bears. In a momentum-sapping consolidation, XMR prices are boxed inside the wide-ranging bear candlestick of November 16.

Technical Analysis: BSVUSD 02.12.2021

Bitcoin SV is a controversial BCH fork. Like other BTC rooted forks, the coin is under pressure when writing. Though there are signs of strength, bears are determined and may succeed if $140 fails, confirming losses of November 26.

Technical Analysis: BCHUSD 02.12.2021

Bitcoin Cash is the most liquid and valuable BTC fork, finding utility due to its low fees. From the daily chart, BCH bulls are struggling against determined bears.

Technical Analysis: XTZUSD 01.12.2021

It is a welcomed revival for XTZ, the currency of the self-amending platform. After weeks of dropping, XTZ buyers are now back in contention, floating higher with rising trading volumes.

Technical Analysis: XLMUSD 01.12.2021

The recovery of crypto prices across the board lifted Stellar Lumens prices as per the XLM technical analysis of the daily chart reveals. Currently, XLMUSDT prices are in a tight $0.10 zone with caps at $0.30—on the lower end—and $0.40—as the primary resistance and buy trigger—on the upper hand.
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