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Technical Analysis: BNBUSD 05.12.2022

Overall, BNB prices are in an uptrend, though in a broader consolidation. From the daily chart, traders can look for opportunities to double down, expecting gains in the short term. Trading volumes have been low, impacting momentum and, thus, the rapidity of upsides. On the positive side, buyers stand a chance if BNB holds above $250.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 05.12.2022

Bitcoin price action is uneventful, looking at the performance in the daily chart. Even though buyers appear to be in control in the short term, following gains above the bear flag, the medium to long-term trajectories remain bearish. Currently, aggressive traders can sync with the long-term formation, unloading on every attempt higher but below $17.5k, targeting a retest of November 2022 lows.

Technical Analysis: DSHUSD 29.11.2022

DASH prices are solid at spot rates, pressing higher to retest last week's highs. Despite the sell-off early this week, today’s bounce is an indicator that buyers are in control. As it is, DASH is up 33 percent from November lows. Because of the trend set last week and prices rejecting lower lows above $37, traders might find entries aiming to align with the trend of the November 23 bull bar.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 29.11.2022

The crypto market is back to green and Bitcoin looks solid. Even so, considering the considerable dent posted by altcoins over the same period, the pressure is, nonetheless, on for BTC bulls. At spot rates, Bitcoin prices are steady, and higher, finding an anchor at around $15.5k. Technically, sellers remain in control. Per the formation in the daily chart, the coin could likely drop if buyers fail to flow back to fortify recent gains, pressing prices lower in the sessions ahead.

Technical Analysis: XRPUSD 28.11.2022

Ripple is up 25 percent from November lows, looking at the performance in the daily chart. Even though the coin is relatively steady at spot rates, the path of least resistance remains southwards as long as prices are below $0.55—or October highs. Another worthwhile observation is that the coin recoiled to wipe out gains from September to October 2022, swinging back price action in favor of sellers. Presently, sellers are in charge. However, bulls will find relief if prices are above $0.30.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 28.11.2022

Bitcoin, like the rest of the crypto market, remains in consolidation, reading from the performance in the daily chart. As it is, sellers remain in control unless there is a decisive surge above the $17.5k and $18.5k resistance zone. Even so, after sharp losses from November 2021 peaks, Bitcoin prices may recover, bouncing higher after dropping to as low as $15.5k in early November 2022.

Technical Analysis: ETHBTC 25.11.2022

ETHBTC remains wavy in a broad, multi-week trade range as Ethereum bulls dominate. Per the performance in the daily chart, there could be more for buyers to gain in the days ahead, considering the general resilience of ETH bulls. Therefore, guided by this, every low above 0.065 BTC, or October lows, may offer support to optimistic buyers angling for a retest of September 2022 highs.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 25.11.2022

There have been attempts for Bitcoin bulls to push prices higher, as apparent in the daily chart. However, BTC prices remain within a tight trade range and bearish, with upsides capped at around $17.5k. Accordingly, despite the general market confidence, sellers remain in charge. BTC's performance largely depends on the reaction at about $15.5k, the primary support.

Technical Analysis: UNIUSD 24.11.2022

Uniswap is remarkably resilient at spot rates, steadying above the multi-week support line and within a bullish path from a top-down preview. In the last 24 hours, UNI rose three percent, and prices remain inside the November 9 bearish engulfing bar, a bearish preview.

Technical Analysis: XTZUSD 24.11.2022

Tezos remains under immense sell pressure, looking at how price action is on the daily chart. Despite the broad market recovery, XTZ is edging lower with support at around $0.90. There are lower lows relative to the lower BB, but sellers remain dominant.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 24.11.2022

There is an air of invincibility among Bitcoin holders and traders considering the recovery on November 22. However, reading from the drab performance in the daily chart, there is nothing much to call out because BTC is primarily in range. As an illustration, the coin is up three percent in 24 hours but within a bear breakout formation.

Technical Analysis: TRXUSD 23.11.2022

The bears have been unforgiving in the last trading year. From the daily chart, TRX dropped 62 percent from November 2022 peaks to spot rates. Although Tron's utility is unquestionable, TRX prices are in range and bearish as buyers cannot reverse recent losses. Primary support is at around $0.450, while resistance is at $0.524, marking the peaks of the current consolidation.
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