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Technical Analysis: XRPUSD 31.01.2023

Ripple prices dropped from January and Q1 2023 highs on January 30. The coin is down eight percent from the liquidation level at around $0.42. Following yesterday's losses, XRP prices are back to the middle BB in a retest to the dynamic support. For the uptrend to remain valid, prices must hold steady above the $0.38 and $0.40 zone.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 31.01.2023

The near 50 percent rally from Q4 2022 lows might be coming to an end, reading from the current price performance. Bitcoin prices recoiled from around $24k, sharply reversing January 29 gains and forcing the coin lower. Even though the $22.5k support remains intact, the spike in selling volumes yesterday could point to weakness.

Technical Analysis: BNBUSD 30.01.2023

Like the rest of the markets, BNB bulls are solid and angling for more as the shift turns, buoying buyers. BNB remains within a bullish breakout formation at spot rates above $250. Still, traders should watch out for how prices react at $320. Any breakout with increasing volumes may see the coin soar to November 2022 highs.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 30.01.2023

Bitcoin prices are higher when writing, trading above the $23.5k level and on a bullish path. The BTC candlestick arrangement in the daily chart shows that the immediate support is at $22.5k, marking the consolidation from January 21. The alignment with the formation of the better part of January solidifies bulls' confidence and may see the coin soar above $25k or better in the days ahead.

Technical Analysis: XMRUSD 27.01.2023

Monero is trading above August 2022 highs as momentum fades. The uptrend remains valid, and XMR is up over 50 percent from November lows. As long as XMR trades above $170, buyers remain in control and may push prices toward $200 or better in sessions ahead.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 27.01.2023

Bitcoin prices are firm at spot rates, relatively stable in the last trading day, and within a bullish formation. Although yesterday was lower, the coin is above immediate support at $21.5k and $22k zone, an indicator of strength. Traders should watch out for how BTC pushes and close above $23.3k, confirming January 20 gains.

Technical Analysis: XRPUSD 26.01.2023

Ripple is relatively higher, tracking the rest of the crypto markets. Even though there are weaknesses and rejection from the liquidation line, XRP buyers are in control. As it is, the coin may breakout to register new Q1 2023 highs in the days ahead.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 26.01.2023

Bitcoin prices are steady at spot rates, up in the past two weeks but flat in the past few days. Even though the uptrend is valid, the accompanying momentum is a concern. From the daily chart, buyers have failed to follow through, confirming gains of January 20. BTC must clear this week's highs at around $23.3k to validate the trend from mid-January 2023.

Technical Analysis: ETHBTC 24.01.2023

After weeks of higher highs favoring Ethereum, the pendulum is swinging. Bitcoin buyers are taking charge, pressing lower as demand picks up. Overall, price action is confirmed within a rising wedge, technically in a bullish pattern. Even so, as long as prices are capped below 0.077 BTC, Bitcoin bulls have the upper hand.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 24.01.2023

Bitcoin has added eight percent in four days, staying clear within a bullish formation, and buyers expect even more. The rejection of lower prices on January 23 meant BTC remains within a bullish course above $21.5k. Presently, the January 18 bull bar guides the uptrend, reaffirming the presence of buyers.

Technical Analysis: ETHUSD 23.01.2023

Ethereum is firm, swinging higher, and within a bullish breakout formation. After closing above the resistance trend line, ETH has been floating higher. However, prices are still below November highs at around $1.7k. This resistance line is critical and must be broken to validate the upside.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 23.01.2023

Bitcoin added roughly 10 percent over the weekend, reading from the performance in the daily chart. The coin is within a bullish formation, trending above $21.5k and firm. It is an indicator that buyers are in control, and every low could, technically, offer an opportunity to double down.
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