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Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 21.06.2023

Bitcoin is up 16% from its June 2023 lows and is trading above key support levels. With BTC above $28k, buyers are in control, and there could be more headroom in the days ahead. Per the BTCUSDT candlestick arrangement, every low above $27.3k may offer entries for traders angling for more gains toward $30k and $31k in future sessions.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 20.06.2023

Bitcoin continues to float higher when writing, and prices will likely breach the $27.3k level in the coming hours. From the daily chart, BTC prices are resilient and have reversed recent losses, tracking higher and likely to confirm buyers of June 6. As it is, traders can load on dips with even more opportunities above $27.3k, with the immediate target at $28.3k or better in the days ahead.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 19.06.2023

Bitcoin is up roughly 7% from last week's low and remains within a bearish path. Despite the recovery, there must be sharp price expansions with increasing volumes above local liquidation levels in the short term. Following the reversal of June 14 losses and prices edging above $26k, aggressive long traders could find entries to double down on every drop toward $26k as they target $27.3k and $28.3k. Conversely, conservative bulls must wait for clear breakouts in either direction before ramping up, aware that the current trend is bearish despite the dead cat bounce of the past few days.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 15.06.2023

The broader financial market reacted negatively to the FED's decision on June 14. Bitcoin is lower, below $25k, an unexpected development. The coin is in a breakout formation, reading from the formation in the daily chart. With prices below $25k, BTC is likely headed towards $22.5k, allowing traders to ride the emerging trend as bears seize control.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 14.06.2023

Bitcoin continues to trade under a tight trade range and above clear support and resistance levels, as evident in the daily chart. Even though there is a tinge of optimism with traders expecting the coin's fortunes to turn around, the reaction at $25k and $27.3k could shape the near-term formation of the coin. The coin's volatility is muted for now, and prices are within the June 6 bull bar.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 13.06.2023

On the back of shrinking liquidity and low participation, BTC prices are steady when writing but within a bearish formation. Though prices are above $25k, the critical support line of the current bull flag, the failure of prices to pump higher above $26.5k and $27.3k is a concern. Based on this formation, traders should wait on the sidelines until a clear trend emerges from the current consolidation. Any uptick above recent highs may spark demand, lifting the coin to new levels. Conversely, a break below support may heap more pressure on BTC.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 12.06.2023

Bitcoin losses have been contained despite the contraction in the second half of last week. Prices are around the $25.8k, and the uptrend remains, at least from a top-down preview. Overall, traders should watch how prices react at immediate support lines and the resistance trend line of the emerging bull flag. Notice that the uptrend defined by gains from March to April 2023 holds despite the rejection of higher highs from mid-April 2023.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 09.06.2023

Bitcoin remains stagnant at spot rates, technically bullish, but traders need confirmation above $28.3k before ramping up. The critical resistance level is $ 28.3k to $28.5k zone. On the lower end, the zone between $25.8k and $26.5k offers support. For the uptrend to resume, there must be a high-volume, wide-ranging confirmation of the June 6 bull bar. In that case, BTC could float higher to $30k and even $31k in a retest of April 2023 highs. Conversely, a drop with the same rapidity could quickly push BTC to $20k.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 08.06.2023

Bitcoin prices are lower, retracing from June 7 highs, and are below $27k. At this level, bulls still have a chance as prices trend above $25.8k and volatility remains. However, for trend confirmation, there must be a close above $28.3k, the immediate resistance, and the buy trigger line. The only formation that will cancel this preview is a strong sell-off forcing BTC to dump below $25.8k, confirming sellers of June 5.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 07.06.2023

Bitcoin's recovery has been spectacular. Prices are higher and have reversed the losses of June 5. The coin is trading above the $26.3k to $26.5k zone, bouncing from the primary support level of around $25.8k. On June 5, following fundamental events, BTC dropped to as low as $25.9k. However, with prices back to the trading range, traders should watch whether there will be confirmation today. Gains above $28.3k will nullify the bearish outlook of Monday, setting the base for another leg up toward $31k.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 06.06.2023

Bitcoin crashed on June 5 following news that the SEC is suing Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. The dump was evidenced across the board, with BTC dragging the altcoins. The coin is below the $25.8k and $31k trade range at spot rates in a bear breakout formation. The uptick in trading volumes gives credence to bears of mid-April who have their sight on $22.5k and lower.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 02.06.2023

Bitcoin prices are higher when writing, soaking selling pressure from yesterday. It remains to be seen whether prices will float higher. Sellers have the upper hand if prices stay below the $28.3k reaction level. Based on this formation, traders should wait for a clear trend definition, aware that gains above $28.3k and ideally $30k on the upper hand and $25.8k on the lower end could shape the medium-term trend.
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