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Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 10.07.2023

Bitcoin prices were technically unmoved over the weekend, looking at price charts. Therefore, while there was a notable contraction on July 6 at the back of expanding volumes, the rejection on July 7 relieved buyers. Still, from an effort-versus-result perspective, sellers have the upper hand in the short term. This can only change if buyers flow back, reversing the June 6 loss at the back of rising trading volumes.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 07.07.2023

Bitcoin is lower when writing, dropping towards the $30k level. The sell-off stems from developments on July 6 and follows a refreshing surge to $31.3k before tumbling to spot levels. Despite traders--and the general BTC structure supporting buyers, the failure of buyers to push prices above the April high is a concern. Subsequently, the series of lower lows registered this week could fast-track the dump toward $30k or worse in future sessions.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 06.07.2023

Bitcoin prices slipped on July 6 but remain bullish, per the formation in the daily chart. At spot rates, the coin remains within a consolidation, moving tightly inside a $1.5k zone with caps at $31.3k and $29.8k on the lower end. Technically, buyers have the upper hand, but there can be more upsides if traders shake off the current weakness and boost prices above immediate liquidation levels.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 05.07.2023

Bitcoin prices are steady and bullish despite the contraction on July 4. Overall, the $31.3k remains a critical buy trigger level. For the uptrend of June's last few trading days to continue, there must be a comprehensive, high-volume close above this level. Even so, aggressive traders could find entries to load on dips above $30k in the days ahead.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 04.07.2023

Bitcoin prices are firm when writing, floating above the $31k level as the recent consolidation proves to be an accumulation. How fast bulls will push above $31.3k and even new 2023 highs will determine the speed of the rebound after the slowdown in the final days of the last days of H1 2023.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 30.06.2023

Based on the performance in the daily chart, bitcoin prices remain volatile and choppy. Even though the primary trend remains northwards, there are hints of weakness, looking at the candlestick arrangement. The only positive is that sellers have been unable to break below the $29.8k and $30k primary support. The $31.3k is a liquidation level to watch out for.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 29.06.2023

At spot rates, there is nothing to write home about BTC. Prices remain within a consolidation, moving below $31.3k and above the primary support zone at between $29.8k and $30k. Even though buyers are optimistic, the rejection of higher highs can be a concern for bulls. Still, with prices consolidating horizontally, the breakout direction could shape the short-to-medium-term trajectory.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 28.06.2023

Bitcoin is roughly 20% from June 2023 lows and resilient, soaking selling pressure, looking at the performance in the daily chart. Even though there were attempts for lower lows, prices are firm above the $30k psychological level and $29.8k. Meanwhile, the coin is defying selling pressure and may break above $31.3k in the days ahead in a buy trend continuation formation.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 27.06.2023

The uptrend is slowing down, but buyers have the upper hand despite the contraction. As it is, BTC buyers are trending at around 2023 highs and can edge even higher above $31k and to $35k in a welcomed expansion. The immediate support is at $30k, while the buy trigger is $31.3k. A conclusive close above last week's high and strong rejections of lower lows from spot rates could propel the coin to new H2 2023 levels.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 26.06.2023

Bitcoin remains in an uptrend despite liquidity shrinking over the weekend. From the daily chart, the path of least resistance is definite and northwards. Even though there are hints of weakness, bulls may look to buy above the $29.8k and $30k area, searching for entries for a retest of $31.3k or better in future sessions.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 23.06.2023

Bitcoin is firm at spot rates, adding 20% from June 2023 lows. Trading above $30k, the coin is within a bullish breakout formation, and buyers are confident. Therefore, per the candlestick arrangement in the daily chart, traders can look for entries on dips above $28.3k, expecting even more gains above $31k. Any upswing above April highs could pump the coin towards $35k or better, registering new 2023 highs.

Technical Analysis: BTCUSD 22.06.2023

Bitcoin is up nearly 21% in a week. From the daily chart, buyers are firmly in control, and the coin is likely to not only breach $31k but register new 2023 highs in continuation of the buying pressure from late Q1 and early Q2 2023. As it is, every low may offer entries for optimistic buyers angling for even more gains in future sessions. The first target is at $32.5k and $35k in the medium term.
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