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AMC Entertainment adds ETH and LTC as Payment Methods

AMC Entertainment, a cinema operator, now includes ETH, Bitcoin Cash, and LTC as one of the accepted cryptocurrencies besides BTC, as per its CEO tweet, Adam Aron, on Thursday.

The cinema operator's change in policy comes as a fresh breath, especially for Litecoin following this week's denial by Walmart. Unlike Bitcoin, LTC supports cheaper transactions and has a higher throughput expressly created as a medium of exchange, not 'fuel' or 'digital gold'.

Meanwhile, ETH is increasingly finding market share as a medium of exchange even though it is designed to be fuel, powering Ethereum's smart contracts. 

All the same, questions around whether it would be tenable for users to pay for movie tickets considering the high Gas fees of around $20. Payment via a Layer-2 solution makes sense to accelerate adoption since ETH has a fast settlement time.

All the same, cryptocurrencies are finding increasing adoption. Its borderless nature is one of the main reasons crypto continues to gather steam.

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