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Germany Runs More Bitcoin Nodes than the U.S.

New data from Bitnodes reveals that there are now more Bitcoin full node operators in Germany than in the United States.

Node operators are the backbone of any public ledger, of which Bitcoin is no exception. The network requires distributed full nodes to remain highly reliable, secure, and, most importantly, censorship-resistant. 

The inability of governments or third parties to dig in and reverse transactions makes Bitcoin the world's most valuable crypto project.

The United States has remained one of the world's active in the crypto scene. Still, the toppling of the United States indicates growing interest from the E.U. powerhouse. Both countries are open to technology, supporting their respective growth, but treat BTC as commodities meaning gains are taxed. 

In all, there are cumulatively more Bitcoin nodes in the E.U. than anywhere else in the world, topping the expansive United States. 

There is noticeably activity specifically in France, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Russia. China is down the rankings to tenth with 151 full nodes. In June 2021, Chinese authorities cracked down on Bitcoin mining, pushing away node operators from the country.

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