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Here are the top Three Oracles in Crypto and DeFi

Blockchains are siloed. It means they are islands even though they generate terabytes of data every day.

To make positive use of these data, especially with the increasing popularity of DeFi, linking them to external real-world data for even more functionality is paramount.

This is where the concept of Oracles comes in.

Oracles can, on-demand, link a blockchain's smart contracts with tamper-proof, real-world data. Out of this, there could be infinite possibilities.

A truly decentralized oracle provider also makes the DeFi protocol—and any other dApp—secure, robust against attacks.

Some of the most popular Oracle providers in Crypto and DeFi are Chainlink, whose native currency is LINK. It is the most adopted and widely used, especially by Ethereum DeFi protocols. 

The other is the Band Protocol, whose native token is BAND that operates more like software with plans of eventually launching in Cosmos as an independent blockchain, and Decentralized Information Asset (DIA) is open source and based in Switzerland.

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