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Polkadot versus Ethereum: What 's the Difference?

Crypto is an evolution since change is, after all, inevitable. In the quest to be better, faster, and better connected, Ethereum started improving on Bitcoin.

It subsequently became a dominant smart contracting platform, the home of ICOs,--and all other innovation there is-- making headlines in crypto.

Ethereum, in reality, up until this point in time, exemplifies all the possibilities of blockchain. From tokenization and efficiency, name them all.

Amid this, Polkadot is on the rise, promising much more than Ethereum without sacrificing guiding principles such as decentralization that genuinely describes a public ledger. 

Unlike Ethereum, which allows the deployment of smart contracts and launch of dApps, Polkadot enables smart contracting, dApp deployment, and the launch of individual, interoperable blockchains.

Polkadot blockchains are called Parachains. Using them, projects can easily create products with unique consensus algorithms, different from Polkadot, technically operating independently.

It is this interoperability and scalability potential of Polkadot which is convincing critics that eventually Polkadot will flip Ethereum to be the most active network. Parachains can communicate with Polkadot and all supported blockchains, making this innovation extremely powerful.

While Ethereum remains a blockchain of choice for most developers, over 470 projects are building on Polkadot as of early August 2021.

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