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The Difference between Monero (XMR) and Dash (DSH)

Cryptocurrencies promise privacy and security. Top coins like BTC and ETH are inherently pseudonymous. That is, they are semi-anonymous.

However, from the onset, others like Monero and Dash purposed to make their network secure and transactions anonymous.

In the Dash network, a user can choose to make all transactions private or pseudonymous. In Monero, things are a tad bit different. All transactions are untraceable and therefore fully anonymous. All this is possible as the network integrates various transactions mixing technology, complicating tracing options.

Another distinction between Monero and Dash is that the latter uses masternodes. With these supernodes in the equation, transaction confirmation times are relatively low, a reason why traders flock to the platform.

On the other hand, Monero uses NightShade for hashing and decentralized GPU miners. Unlike Bitcoin, Monero is, by default, ASIC resistant. This is to allow maximum decentralization even if it comes at the expense of overall network security. Creators of Monero followed the same script as Ethereum's.

Despite their differences, both are purely transactional, competing with Bitcoin.

The good news is, CryptoAltum allows traders to profit from price movements of both coins—a big plus for traders closely watching events in this category.

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