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Twitter could Integrate Bitcoin for Tipping

Twitter, the $52.5 billion company and one of the most popular social media platforms globally, may soon integrate a Bitcoin tipping system.

It is assuming the reversed engineered version of the upcoming update is anything to go by. If this update would indeed introduce a Bitcoin tipping and payment system, it would be a welcomed move, a massive development, and another endorsement of crypto and Bitcoin.

It is rumored that Twitter will offer the tipping service through the "Tip Jar," enabling other users to pay using BTC. The Tip Jar relies on the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN), an off-chain solution designed to scale Bitcoin, and enable dust payment via Strike.

That Twitter is supporting Bitcoin and crypto is no big surprise. The co-founder, Jack Dorsey, is a big advocate of Bitcoin, severally reiterating the importance of Bitcoin and the need for users to adopt this new payment system. He was also very vocal in the latest push by crypto lobbyists demanding clarification on specific terms on the Infrastructure Bill. Besides, Square is heavily invested in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin acts as a medium of exchange and a store-of-value, native to the internet. It continues to find adoption and Twitter's integration further demonstrates how valuable Bitcoin and crypto are in driving financial inclusion.

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