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What is CPU in EOS Blockchain?

The crypto scene is jargon dense with new terminologies sprouting up, confusing beginners.

In EOSIO, the CPU is the processing power of EOS. It is the amount of time a block producer should dedicate to processing a transaction. Unlike in the traditional sense where CPU is measured in cycles, in EOSIO, this metric is time and is refreshed—recalculated after every block. 

EOSIO is like every other public chain. A Block Producer acts as a "miner" in the delegated Proof-of-Stake system (dPoS) and is tasked with processing transactions and securing the network. At the same time, the platform supports smart contracting. It, therefore, supports the running of DeFi, NFTs, and many more.

The cost of running dApps in EOSIO is determined by the CPU. There is no Gas, transaction fees, or any other pay-per-use pricing model. Instead, EOS relies on tokens staking for control of limited CPU resources. 

The more tokens staked, the more access there is to CPU resources. CPU will be consumed per account every time a validator processes a transaction. 

The pace of consumption depends on the complexity of the smart contract involved. The more complex, the higher the CPU requirement there is.

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