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Why do USDT and Bitcoin dominate crypto exchanges?

Bitcoin and USDT are top-tier crypto assets—and for this precise reason, they find support across most exchanges, including CryptoAltum.

However, for CryptoAltum, it is strategic and deliberate.

CryptoAltum is regulated—check, supports other crypto assets—check, global---check, and easily accessible—check.

But what would it do to be even more appealing?

Their settling for Bitcoin and USDT as select base currencies remains to be a stroke of genius for reasons that's obvious for traders.

Bitcoin is synonymous with crypto and is one of the earliest projects. Newbies tend to mistake Bitcoin for Blockchain or crypto—and this is understandable.

Bitcoin, unlike other altcoins, finds support in all cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, traders who want to shift for better—say deposit bonuses of up to 0.05 BTC in CryptoAltum or high leverage of up to 500X—can easily transit without converting to fiat.

It was more like plug-and-play. After all, registration takes only a few minutes.

On the other hand, USDT is a shield against volatility that’s pegged to the USD. It is also one of the most liquid stablecoin in the sphere. Pound-to-pound, USDT is more valuable than some of the leading crypto-assets like ADA or XLM, for example.

Therefore, listing USDT offered an avenue for traders to place trades like they would have if it were USD without worrying about volatility.

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