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04th Mar 2021
Dalmas Ngetich, for CryptoAltum News Team

Cardano (ADA) Prices Surges 150% in the Past Month, Bulls Target $2

The Cardano price is one of the top performers, inching up higher the market cap leaderboard. As of Mar 4, the coin has added animpressive 150 percent versus the greenbackin the last month of trading, registering decent gains against both ETH and Bitcoin during the same period. Analysts are optimistic about Cardano's roadmap and upcoming plans of introducing smart contracting in the financial smart contracting platform led by peer-reviewed research. On Mar 2, the Mary hard fork combinator event went live. It now opens up multi-asset tokenization in Cardano and opportunities for even more upside for ADA/USD.


Cardano plans to eventually activate smart contracting after completing their five phases of development. Each upgrade is preceded by a series of test networks and hard fork Combinators for a smooth transition. Mary is the second of the three culminating in smart contracting via Goguen—the third phase after Byron and Shelley. A smooth upgrade and launch of dApps, for the first time in Cardano, will likely help pump prices even higher towards the $2 target. Already, the launch of multi-asset tokenization in Cardano enables NFTs and more as some of the most basic implementations for testing the platform's waters.

Impact on ADA Prices:

Bullish. Skeptics like Dan Larimer of EOS dismiss Cardano for "selling dreams." However, Dan will be proven wrong once Goguen is live and dApps launch in a platform where tokens can be used to pay fees, not necessarily ADA.

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