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26th Mar 2021
Dalmas Ngetich, for CryptoAltum News Team

Cardano Decentralizes, Stake Pool Operators to Take Charge From March 31st

In their quest for complete decentralization, Cardano block production will now be under stake pool operators as per an update on Mar 25. The announcement is huge for the smart contracting network. With complete decentralization of block production, the community takes charge of powering the Ethereum competitor just as they prepare for smart contracting via the Goguen stage.


Cardano competes with Ethereum and has an active ecosystem of developers and products. They are also funding projects via the Catalyst Fund. Given the importance of DeFi and immediate activity, their goal is to spark activity complementing the activation of the Mary Hard Fork Combinator (HFC). This second HFC saw the ability of users to create assets on the protocol. 

Impact on the Cardano price: 

Bullish. The blend of decentralization and smart contracting as Cardano continues to build and defy expectations is a net positive for ADA price. Analysts are convinced ADA is grossly undervalued and could reach $5 with a market cap of $200 billion as adoption grows.

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