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28th Apr 2021
Dalmas Ngetich, for CryptoAltum News Team

Ethereum at a Near all-time High, Analysts Expect $3k Before London

The Ethereum price is charting higher, gaining against both BTC and the USD. Analysts expect ETH prices to breach $2.66k and ride towards $3k—or better in the next few months. Fundamentals, including the shift to Eth2, Layer-2, and EIP-1559, are cited as triggers that would catalyze FOMO.


Presently, Ethereum has a scalability problem. However, this would be addressed in three approaches, executed in lock-step. Layer-2 would take months as different projects have timelines, but Eth2 and Layer-2 are locked in at known activation dates, providing certainty and, therefore, confidence. ETH is visibly firmer than USD and BTC, with upside pressure building up as the shift begins.

Impact on ETH Prices: 

Bullish. Technically, ETH has outperformed both the BTC and USD over the last few weeks. The uptrend remains firm, and the coin could print new all-time highs above $3k in the next few months, a boost for bulls.

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