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14th Dec 2020
CryptoAltum Research Team

Real Estate Mogul Predicts Bitcoin Price will Rally to $50k

Robert Kiyosaki, a real-estate millionaire investor, predicts the price of Bitcoin to reach $50k. Although he didn’t specify any timelines, comments from the veteran influencer are a boost for the coin. As of today, the BTC/USD price was trading above $19.1k, paring losses in the last week of trading.


The Rich Dad, Poor Dad author is bullish on Bitcoin. This is not the first time he is backing Bitcoin. Earlier on, he said the valuable, store-of-value digital asset is phasing out both real estate and gold while challenging the hegemony of the USD and other fiat currencies. Since the United States is “bankrupt with a $27 trillion debt”, holding BTC could be one of the long-term investments. Specifically, Robert has cited Bitcoin’s scarcity properties and the digital asset “coming to the world’s view.” Because of Bitcoin’s finite supply and central banks printing money--all happening in a mid-shift from baby boomers to millennials, the crypto world stands to benefit from even more investment. Earlier on, Willy Woo, an on-chain analyst, said the Bitcoin price will explode in the next four years, pinning this to the world getting exposed to Bitcoin and its benefits.

Impact on the BTC Price: 

Bullish. Robert joins other analysts, including the Winklevoss Twins, in projecting higher prices for the digital gold in the next year.

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