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25th Nov 2020
CryptoAltum Research Team

More Cardano Update Scheduled for December

Cardano will release more updates about Goguen, wallet development, and smart contracting in early December, Charles Hoskinson, the founder, revealed in the latest community update. Like Ethereum, Cardano is transitioning. The last upgrade allowed staking via Shelley. Presently, the team is preparing for smart contracting through the Goguen hard fork.


Perched at 10th, ADA’s market cap is based on Cardano’s roadmap and how well they execute their critical upgrade. Every upgrade is a milestone. So far, the platform has activated Shelley (staking) and Byron (consensus setting). The next three hard forks starting with Goguen and concluding with Voltaire will increase Cardano’s use case transforming it from a purely transactional, Proof-of-Stake layer to a smart contracting network competing with Ethereum on decentralization and throughput. Through to Goguen activation in February 2021, Cardano will implement three Hard Fork combinators starting from early Dec 2020.

Impact on the ADA Price: 

Bullish. Their lock-step, meticulous improvement of source code and functionality is bullish for ADA buyers. Presently, the coin is up 50 percent in the last week of trading.

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